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the best time to TEACH'EM to snowboard is when they are GROMS!  The key is FUN and balance.  I get em balancing and then just go with the flow.  Our first on snow sessions are no more than 15 minutes long.  Keep it fun and funny, be silly with em and just let em do what they want.  Chances are they will laugh and want to keep going.  Below are simple steps to get your Grom going. 
-Some terms I use when I teach little kids .
 1. Balance and Bend your Legs.  I say the word "balance" and "bend your legs" over and over again.
2.Point with your hand.  I tell them to point to stuff with their leading hand.  "point to the lift" or "point to mommy"  It helps rotate their hips and naturally tilt to their heels or toes
3. Lean.  I say "lean to your heels" or "lean to your toes" I will physically tilt them with my hands on the flat snow when they are stopped so they can understand what it means.  I will also do leaning motions myself so they understand what I'm saying
4. Heels.  I say "go to your heels" I show them or have an adult friend, or bigger kid slide to there heels so they can see what i mean
5.toes.  same as heels
Zable and Ever, 2 years old, riding Breck.
indoor Carpet ride-
Stand em on a board, balancing on the carpet and let em fool around  with the board.
Say "balance" make it fun and fall down with them and laugh alot.
Put a pillow or blanket under the board to make it harder to balance and have them lean forwad ,back, toes and heels.  Say "balance" "bend your legs".
Say "lean" and help them understand by physically moving there body to lean over there heels and toes.
Just leave the board around the room for them to play with.

Play on the Snow-

Play with them on flat snow strapped in, get them on small uneven spots in the snow, and keep saying 'balance".  If they fall, fall with them and make it funny. 
Terrain features
Small pitch terrain features can make snowboarding super fun for a super grom.  small bumps and rolles, small banks and banked turns help kids get going.  Here 2 Year old Ella Willmont rides Copper Mountains super mini half pipe

2 year old Ella Willmont

Mom pulling 3 year old Ever up with a cord on the binding and leting him go

Lean to the heels-
when the Grom gets to be sliding straight and balancing on the board pretty good encourage them to "lean to your heels" you can physically move their body so they understand what yer saying also demonstrate the motion yourself or have another adult or big kid lean to the heels and slide sideways.  Tell them to "point with yer hand"  , again you can physically move their hand up and point it across the hill to encourage a heel turn.  Do this abut a hundred times.  When they are sliding to their heels fairly proficiently.  demonstrate sliding sideways on your heels, then encourage them to go to their toes.....
Lean to the TOES-
once the grom is going to their heels, get em to "lean to your toes".  Have the grom push on their toes at a complete stop.  Get them to point with their leading hand to bring that toe side turn around.
Sliding sideways on the heels

Makin the TOE turn
Time to cruze-
once the rider is finding there heel and toe edge- its time to go cruze.  terrain selection can be a big part of this, most bunny hill lifts are perfect.  Your first loads of the lift you will need to lift your rider onto the chair, also hold them up, by the jacket, geting off the lift.  Try to get the rider to do as much as posable on there own (skate).  also SOFT SNOW is a good thing.  use the TIPS above out on the run and you will find the rider will really begin to figure it all out.  The kids mood (and yours) does a great deal for their riding, feed them alot of snacks and water, and eat candy and fruit on the chairlift.  If you have a, "big kid" who can allready ride, this helps for demonstrations and encouragement.  ENJOY!  This is possibly the most fun on earth.
Cruzin on the bunny hill just before Ever's 4th B-Day

linkin turns at copper just before Evers 5th Bday.