Craft Snowboards
Handbuilt in Colorado


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My 2year old son needed a snowboard and the products out there did NOT suit my needs. so..D.I.Y!

I assembled a press, designed  prototypes, built a bunch of little boards, tested them with my son and his buds and now have a great line of durable, functional,super fun products for kids to get out shredin.

 GROMco boards are designed, tested and built in summit county CO. with Colorado aspen cores, U.S. sourced  quality materials, environmentally friendly epoxy, and love in every one.

 PURIST ADULT BOARDS!   These boards are designed from the heart and soul with homage to the rich history of Colorado boarding and board building.  Each is one of a kind, LOCALLY SOURCED WOOD CORE, SINTERED BASE,  UNIQUE TOP SHEETS, high quality materials.   A CLASSIC RIDE! 


15+ year competitive snowboarding COACH.


  -designer, builder, tester.

-Pro snowboarder 1990-1999.


 "the art of snowboarding" published 2007

-Colorado Snowboarder.

-Fly Fishing guide